Hello and welcome to my creative writing site.

My name is Pete Cook-Jones and I have three books published on


The first one is a collection of ten short stories entitled:

'My Saturdays with Grumps.'

Each story was told by a grandfather to his grandson on Saturday afternoons when the boy would visit.


The second book is a story book for children entitled: 'The adventures of Scarfy and Felty.' It tells the story of a hat  (Felty) and a scarf (Scarfy) who get bought from a charity shop and go everywhere with Nan, the lady that bought them. They have adventures and both of them can talk, but only Nan can hear them (most of the time).


The third book is a  fifty-two week journal that has a quote on each page, and blank pages to add your own quotes. The printed quotes are from Lao Tzu and Buddha.


The purpose of this site is to help promote my work, and I will post samples and information on how to buy them if you want to. I hope you find the site interesting, amusing sometimes and I welcome constructive criticism, @

The site is new and under construction............