About me

   I have recently had three books published on Amazon.uk. They were all self published and the process was fairly straightforward. I hope to be accepted by a publisher one day which will be an accomplishment.

   After many successful years working as a joiner/cabinet maker I took up teaching the subject. Then, several years of working at Bath City College and then a few more as an agency supply tutor took me to retirement age. So at 65 I re-trained as a teacher of English to foreign students. 

   At the same time I was writing, creative writing for the love of writing, although I'd always hoped it might lead somewhere.  Nowadays I'm fully retired and have the time to dedicate my waking hours to getting something out there. The Scarfy & Felty stories are my own invention and I aim to turn them into a 'brand', with books, games, t shirts being produced with their names on. I have an illustrator interested in working with me and the first book will be re-written and re-drawn to a higher quality. They will have their own page, the mischievous scamps. 

   I travel a lot with my wife Pauline and this gives me a great opportunity to write, she will go swimming in the sea and I will find a shady spot to sit and write, usually by the bar of course.

   I plan to use these pages to put up samples and to serialise some of my writing.

   I have written song lyrics, some of which have been recorded and I will add links to my Youtube channel at a later stage. Our travelogues will be presented also as they happen, along with the archived ones from previous years.

   Some of you know that I produce hand-made leather goods, (in my other spare time). I have been offered a stand at the #Didmarton Bluegras Festival at the beginning of September 2023.  Update: The festival proved a great success and I am looking forward to next years event. Check out my other website: www.westonleathercrafts.com to see examples of my work.

   I also spent many years playing the guitar and singing in different bands, including bluegrass, Chicago blues, folk and country music. I rarely have time for that these days although I will probably scratch out a few tunes at Didmarton. ( I did not find the time)